About ILRA

The International Law Review Association (ILRA) facilitates the editorial and publication processes of two student-run law journals, The International Lawyer (TIL) and Law and Business Review of the Americas (LBRA). The ILRA's Editorial Board is a unified organization dedicated to publishing scholarly works on international law.

The International Lawyer

The International Lawyer is the official quarterly publication of the International Section of the ABA.  We recently released our latest edition which included articles on topics such as:
  • Export Controls and Economics Sanctions
  • International Commerical Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate Social Responsiblity
  • International Secured Transactions and Insolvency
  • International Energy and Natural Resources Law

The Law & Business Review of the Americas

The Law & Business Review of the Americas is a quarterly publication addressing legal, business, economic, political, and social policy issues affecting the Western Hemisphere.  We recently released our latest edition which included articles on topics such as:
  • The Laws of Genghis Khan
  • Past and Present Legal Guarantees for Protection of Foreign Investments in Venezuela
  • Legal Framework of Foreign Investment in Chile
  • The Abortion Debate in Latin America
  • Canada Update: Important Legal News and Highlights of Significant Court Cases
  • NAFTA Update and Amercian Trade News Highlights

The ILRA Forum

ILRA announces 2012-2013 Best Comment Awards
ILRA would like to congratulate the Comment Finalists for the 2012-2013 academic year.

ILRA Announces 2013-2014 Best Case Note Awards
The ILRA Editorial Board is proud to announce the best case note of 2013-2014!

ILRA Announces 2013-2014 Best Comment Awards
ILRA is proud to announce the Best Comments of the 2013-2014 academic year.

ILRA announces 2013-2014 Executive and Editorial Board
The ILRA is proud to announce the members of the 2013-2014 Executive and Editorial Boards.

ILRA announces 2013-2014 Staff Editors
The ILRA is proud to announce the induction of the 2013-2014 Staff Editors.

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